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Single-player Dog Tag Locationsbattlefield4dogtags

Below are the locations of every dog tag in the single player campaign of Battlefield 4:


Nice Play: At the beginning of the tutorial look for a bulletin board after the first door on your right. The dog tag will be stuck the bulletin board with a knife.

One Way Trip: Near the courtyard, before you drop down into the room containing the first gadget cache, instead head over the hole and the dog tag will be in the shutters of the center window.

Sergeant Dunn: Once the building collapses and you have to amputate Dunn’s leg, you will find the dog tag in the crashed helicopter’s copilot seat.


One Man Riot: From the beginning of the mission, head right down the alley, then left to a door with a red light. The dog tag should be attached to the door.

Going Up: Above the elevator once you have reached the lobby of the hotel.

Business Casual: Once the tank sequence has finished, the dog tag will be located on a gate behind a tree at the back of the alley.

South China Sea

Carcharodon: From the beginning of the mission, head down the hallway. Look for two men near a red light at the end of the hall. Before them there is a room on the right, the dog tag will be on a top bunk bed.

Lord Of The Waves: Once you and your squad surface in a room after looking for the G-46, look for a green light. The dog tag is behind a brown pillar on the left.

Agent Kovic: Once Hannah is rescued, everyone will go to the upper deck. Head outside and to the right to the crashed helicopter. The dog tag will be in the copilot’s seat.


Horizontal Rain: From the beginning of the mission, look for a white boat on the left. The dog tag will be near the boat on the beach.

Armored Column: Behind the bar with red stools in the club where you get into a fight.

The Grounded Dog: In the hangar with a large white and blue plane, get the to door of the plane from the left wing. The dog tag will be on the door.

Kunlun Mountains

Cage Fighter: After meeting back up with Irish, look for the holding cells in the room to the right. The dog tag will be in the last cell.

Freedom At Any Cost: In the room where you cover Dima, use the cat walk to walk along the left wall. The dog tag will be pinned to a broken electrical box with a knife.

Shaw-Shanked Redemption: Before taking the tram down, head underneath the platform and to the edge. The dog tag should be sticking out if you look over and towards the middle.


The Destruction Enthusiast: In the park, near the bridge, look for a blue truck in front of a building. Destroy the truck, then look inside for the dog tag.

Upstream Swimmer: Once you have destroyed the enemy helicopter, ascend the yellow ladder on the left to the top of the building. You must jump to the black construction scaffolding to find the dog tag.


The Rebel: While on the flight deck, look for the white plane on the left. Get up on the right wing, the dog tag should be towards the back of the plane.

Fleet Guardian: Inside the infirmary of the Valkyrie, check the beds in the medbay behind the second set of curtains. The dog tag will be on one of the beds.


Multiplayer Levolution Events


Here are all the Levolution events that can be triggered during multiplayer matches as well as how to trigger them:

To destroy the bridge you must find two valves underneath the central avenue. Turn them to increase the pipe pressure.

Flood Zone

To destroy the levee you must use explosives on the large crack. This will flood the streets, making certain areas inaccessible while opening up others.

Golmud Railway

Situated around the map are IED’s which can be exploded by using your own explosives or accessing their control consoles.

Hainan Resort

To burn down both wings of the resort, use explosives or flammables on the oil spills.

Lancang Dam

You can destroy portions of the dam by using explosives or rockets on the large crack. This will disable electricity in the area.

Operation Locker

You can trap people in the prison by locking the gates, then use explosives on the tower to bring it down on them.

Paracel Storm

This one is random, but the storm will sometimes destroy a wind turbine and crash the destroyer ship into shore. You can then access the ship’s weapons as well as a new battle pickup.

Rogue Transmission

You can destroy the receiver of the dish by eliminating the cables that hold it. This will end vehicle spawns.

Siege of Shanghai

You can cause the skyscraper to collapse by destroying it’s support structures with explosives. You can also raise lower the bridges near the tower.

Zavod 311

You can detonate the warhead by accessing the timer, which will contaminate the area with radiation and make it inaccessible to vehicles.

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