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Battlefield 4 Maps List


Battlefield 4 Maps list with locations, pictures, info, tips, guides and walkthroughs for all the new Battlefield 4 Maps. Here you will find a full list of all the various mission in Battlefield 4 with maps, info, walkthroughs, guides and tips on how to guide yourself through these Battlefield 4 Maps. Here is the full list of all the Battlefield 4 Maps.

In Battlefield 4 – the maps are going to vary from close-knit Infantry maps-to-large maps with a lot open space and vehicles. There are 10 Maps in Battlefield 4, and 7 of those 10 maps will be used for the Mulitplayer missions, too!

  • Battlefield 4 Seige of Shaghai Map – Mulitplayer map that will feature an Urban area for this mission. It is set in the city of Shanghai. Most of Battlefield 4 Shanghai will feature and focus on infantry combat in the city, there will be a lot of heavy and light vehicles within the map.
  • Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm Map – Mulitplayer map that takes place in South China Sea. This mission and map is going to focus strictly on Sea and Air combat. You’re going to get numerous jets, boats, and helicopters. Weather will also be a major factor – like a Tropical Storm.
  • Battlefield 4 Operation Locker Map – This Battlefield 4 mission will have a heavy mix of infantry and vehicle missions with the map. A lot of the action will take place in the large complex. So the fighting will be intense. And Battlefield 4 Operation Locket Map will be different than most maps because snow will be covering a lot of the area.
  • Battlefield 4 Flood Zone Map – Battlefield 4 Flood Zone Map is for multiplayer game mode of Battlefield 4. The main focus is to destroy a dam/levy. The map will start-out regularly, and then change into a naval combat map–where the entire map will be covered in water. Destroy the levy anytime you want in the mission.
  • Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway Map – Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway is a vehicle heavy focus map. You’re going to get tnaks, jets, APCs, and Helicopters. Capture points will be spread-out with open fields–where mountains hang-over.
  • Battlefield 4 Dawn Breaker Map – Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker Map is a multiplayer map that with be in a major city. The mission will take place at Dawn, so this Battlefield 4 map will be much darker than some of the other maps.
  • Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort – Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort map will be set in a tropical area. This map and mission will be more focused on infantry. You will see oil tankers burning, and most of the map will be focused on the Island–where the resort and hotel are located.
  • Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam Map – Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam is mulitplayer based map. In this map, users will get a mix of vehicle and infantry combat, as well as some Navy-type combat. Control points will be in a “U” shape. Most of the Combat will be centered around the control points, which are close to the dam.
  • Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission Map – Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission map is a Battlefield 4 Mulitiplayer Map. In this map, you will be allowed to fight on-top of a satellite dish and under it, too. The Conquest mode will be located under the large dish.
  • Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 Map – The final Battlefield 4 Mulitplayer map; however, this one will be set in Russia. You will be in a Tank factory, where you will be fighting in vehicles and on-foot. In this map, users can bring down a big chimney with a Warhead. You will notice that the Conquest is the factory, where some intense fighting will take place.

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